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These facilities treat individuals with major acute mental episodes and concomitant medical and/or neurological diseases. Patients at NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals are too medically or neurologically unwell to be treated in a standard psychiatric hospital, yet too psychiatrically disabled to be treated at a traditional medical hospital. A 55-year-old man who is seriously psychotic, a threat to himself and others, AND has an infectious condition like AIDS would need to go to a NeuroPsychiatric Hospital. Another example is a 20-year-old with extreme mood swings, violence, and Autism. Three-year-old with severe dementia, hostile toward others, acute renal illness, and diabetes.

Hospitals that combine Psychiatry and Internal Medicine. Our unusual patients need full-time care from both medical disciplines and are part of an ever-increasing cohort of patients with little or no Most NPH patients travel to local ERs for treatment, clogging up the system for others while providing little actual therapy for the sufferer. NPH also receives referrals from nursing homes, group homes, mental institutions, and police. Because these hospitals are a community safety net, all referrals are community-based. Patients include NFL players, professionals, and the destitute. These diseases do not discriminate and destroy the lives of any societal group of patients and families.